Kindle Book Cover Designs

When I first started self-publishing, I believed that creating my own Kindle book cover designs was the way to go.  A lot of you self-publishers out there will know where I am coming from here, I thought, ‘Ah, it’ll be alright, I’ll just find a good photo, with a bit of blank space on it to put my words, and that will do.’  Of course, I won’t do and didn’t do at all.

When initially thinking about kindle book cover designs, I trawled the internet and found prices ranging from $40 to upwards of $150, which was, even at the low end of the scale, way out of my budget.  Bear in mind, these are $0.99 non-fiction e-books and, as much as I am proud of them, I have (very) limited funds to be handing out for book covers, at least at this stage.

That all said, I am also painfully aware of the importance of a good cover – catch-22 – eh?

Well.  I was trying to get some gigs on Fiverr – long story – for another time 😉

It was there that I found her – my Kindle book cover designs creator – Emily Lam

Emily is fantastic.  She has created the covers for my Ideas for Wedding Flowers – Colour Series books and I am delighted with them 🙂  And, guess what?  They have cost me $5 each.

I know, I know… Some of you are scoffing right now… How can you hope for a decent cover for $5.

Of course, it can all depend upon what you need the cover for and the job you want it to do for you.  But, like I said, I am really happy.

  • Emily has done exactly what I asked her for
  • She has used my photos (and jigged them around a bit if they weren’t quite right)
  • They look at least a hundred times better than the kindle book cover designs I made myself
  • They cost me $5 each
  • I had them within 3 days

Anyway… here is her link… I can recommend her 100%

And, if you were not convinced, this is what she produced for me…

And this is what I did myself… being no Kindle book cover design competent person lol… I know which I prefer, and it was well worth $5 !


7 responses to “Kindle Book Cover Designs

  1. Hey Vanessa, Recently, I too, decided to get a professional to do my covers. She tweaked what I had and made it look more professional. Unfortunately I paid a little more than $5 for it. Yours look beautiful!!!

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