The Shelter – World War Two Story – Sorry!

Following a number of messages I have received today, I feel it is necessary to apologise for taking the chapters down!

I am so flattered that you are all so enthralled with the story 🙂 It is a great compliment and I am delighted with the attention it has drawn, thanks so much !!

However, it is important that I finish the story and edit it properly before publishing any further chapters.  During the rewriting, I cringed, here and there at my first draft mistakes; grammar, spelling and simple punctuation.

My new friend/proofreader has pointed out to me that publishing anything requires a level of editing first, as I do not want to give the impression to my readers that I do not know what I am doing! Good point, well made hehe.. Thanks GP x

Many of the mistakes are first draft errors, caused by frantic typing (with a pen and paper they would be scribbles) and, after careful consideration, however tempting it may be to have you all massage my ego by loving the story, I have to agree with him and take the chapters down until they are all nicely polished 🙂

In the meantime (lol) I hope you will continue to follow my new story, which is currently untitled, but maybe not for much longer, as my brother has given me a couple of ideas..

I will let you all know when The Shelter is ready.

Once again, thank you so much for your support 🙂

Much love xxx


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