The Shelter – World War Two Story

Thank you, dear friends and fellow bloggers, for following my work in progress, The Shelter.  Your comments and encouragement have been wonderful and very much appreciated 🙂

You will probably have noticed that the excerpts have now disappeared.

This is intentional.  It has been done following the advice of a ‘new friend’ of mine, an editor, who believes it is a mistake to publish these chapters until the novel is finished, edited and ready for public consumption!!

So, although I am happy beyond measure, at the attention it has attracted, I see the sense in waiting.  I have learned a lot through this exercise, though, regarding language and editing.  I will continue to share my thoughts about the journey here, but will not be posting any more chapters until the book is finished…

Watch this space hehe



2 responses to “The Shelter – World War Two Story

  1. so what will we have to read my dear? lol Ok so you can have a blog about how your writing is going and share life on the French farm!!! 🙂 i’m all for THAT! 🙂

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