The Shelter – World War Two Story

nanYesterday, I picked up a novel I started some years ago that was inspired by my lovely Nan, a great storyteller and avid reader.  She inspired me again, on her fourth anniversary, and I rewrote the first three chapters.

When we were all young, Nan (and Grandad for that matter, but let Nan have her page space, Grandad can have his own another day) would tell us family stories.

Every family must have them, stories that were retold many times and no one really knew just how much of them were true.  As children, we lapped them up.  As adults we discussed them.  I often wondered about these people and the experiences they shared, filling in the ‘gaps’ for myself, giving the characters personalities, lives, friends.

If you would like to follow my progress, the story can be found by clicking the tab at the top marked – FICTION IN PROGRESS – THE SHELTER

Thank you Nan, will love and miss you always xx


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