Fiction Inspirations

Where do you begin when writing fiction? From where do you draw inspiration?

I have found much of my inspiration comes from the heart.  Largely from my own life experiences and from family stories told by my Grandparents.  Since childhood, there have been ‘snippets’ of these stories running around in my head and I have had a habit of filling in the gaps for myself, bringing the characters to life.

Since living here in France, I have discovered that location also plays a big part in that inspiration process, and it is a process!

Over the past few weeks, I have picked up half-finished works of fiction and begun working on them again.  It is wonderful to feel my creative ‘juices’ flowing 🙂

During the coming days, I plan to share some of my first drafts here on my blog and would welcome some comments, a bit of feedback…

Here is a photo of my newest inspiration, home …. of course, being snowed in does help 🙂



2 responses to “Fiction Inspirations

  1. I know your daughter (Olivia) and we have met once before when you dropped me off at my house. Just got to say what a brilliant story it’s started to be and why?!?! Did you put a cliff-hanger at the end because know I’ve got to wait till you get inspired to finish it. Can’t wait to buy the book (it’s going to be a “best seller”). But anyway I’ll keep checking your blog to see how your story is coming to life and also to see how the French life is going on over there. ❤ As well say hello to Olivia for me, thanks 😀 xooxxooxx

    • 😀 Thank you Obri, for your great feedback, I am delighted you like it so far! It will be a while yet before it’s finished, but I will put some more up as I go along. xxx

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